A Designer can be called upon to wear many different hats. Typography, logo design, branding, photography or image editing, and conceptualization can all fall under this umbrella.

In addition to the projects shown, I have also worked as part of a design team on published promotional materials appearing in print publications, online, and as part of privately published PR campaigns. But these samples are mine from start to finish.

Except where otherwise noted, all are self-generated pieces intended to stretch my creativity and design aesthetics, and give you a taste of the personal style I bring to my work in a variety of methods, from programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Quark, to traditional printmaking, and illustrative work.

I believe that having a graphic designer with the range to tackle any part of a project is always a valuable asset, and I do my best to live up to that goal.

recent projects The Other Grace promo postcard
commissioned for Martha Kaufman's The Other Grace : A New One-Act promo postcard

Jewish Museum campaign
self generated project : The Jewish Museum Friedl Dicker-Brandeis promo posters
logo © The Jewish Museum, used in student work only

hirome CD cover
self generated project : Hirome CD design

new york city ballet
self generated project : New York City Ballet posters and tickets

Scotland Heartstrings branding
self generated project, create a company : "Scotland Heartstrings" promo and branding
photos retouched but not original to this project, used in student work only

heather dale CD cover
self generated project : Heather Dale The Road to Santiago CD design

adobe illustrator bust
Sir Arthur Sullivan in Adobe Illustrator, commissioned by the Empire Lyric Players, Denver