Meredith Crandell
recent projects

I am a Communication Designer and a graduate of Pratt Institute, New York. Although my BFA was COMD with a focus on illustration, I quickly learned that when it comes to commercial marketing, I don't like to limit myself. Although Pratt would not allow me to double major, I still opted to stretch myself, took as many design courses as any graphic design student on campus, and also became a self-taught web designer. More recently, I've followed this up with professional web design training at the School of Visual Arts, also in NYC, where I still live and work.

Based on these qualifications, I have spent the past several years working in marketing and client management for an artist's agent. I believe that the mix of skills I acquired in that environment, including a good working knowledge of both the technical and design-driven sides of marketing, has left me well versed in promotion. I have been a webmaster for sites with multiple clients who required rapid updates and content changes, and have worked with programers, graphic designers, and email mass-marketers and learned the tools of their trades. My illustration work has also tended towards promo and design on a smaller scale.

Striking out on my own as a freelancer, I hope to marry all these diverse elements into projects that are creative, smart, and well-designed from start to finish.