Three different portfolios, but only a single website. I wanted to showcase my talents as an illustrator, web, and graphic designer, but the style of projects and industry standards are quite different for each business. My personal goal was to create an overall design that could integrate many different display elements on each of the sub-pages, without bogging down visitors as they navigated through the site.

Although it may seem superfluous to showcase my own portfolio on my portfolio, I wanted a chance to explain what went into the making of it, and why I've made the choices I did. Your website doesn't have to be a cookie cutter. It should be as unique as the information you need to present.

Other Projects

richard solomon artists rep
richard solomon, art rep
cesia photo
cesia photography
trannequin! the musical
idalia solar tech
idalia solar tech
live and in plastic
live & in plastic
meredith crandell
meredith crandell